UK Snow radar LIVE updates: WATCH as HUGE band of snow to hit London and South ...

How to watch snow live map tracker

To find out if it will snow in your area and when, you can visit UK Snow Map.

The online snow tracker uses crowd-sourcing to create an up-to-the-minute map of exactly where it is snow in the UK at any given moment.

To join in and record snow where you live, use the hashtag #UKSnow and include your location and a rating out of ten for how much snow is fall - for example, 10/10 would indicate a blizzard.s also provides live snow tracking for the next three days, which show as the freezing winds and new snow accumulations hit the UK east coast.

And Meteo Radar also hosts a real-time snow radar for England and the UK, show where the blizzard will hit and what time.

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Snow in ScotlandMETEO RADARSnow in Scotland: Dumfries, Glasgow and Edinburgh are still being hammered by snow

Where is it snowing right now? Thursday, March 1

12.08am: Met Office raises weather warning to red.

The weather body has raised its weather warning from amber to red in Scotland as dire winter conditions continue to ravage the country.

It reads: “Heavy snow showers and drifting of lying snow in the strong easterly winds will become more widespread across the area later on Wednesday afternoon, through the evening and overnight into Thursday.

“Roads will become blocked by deep snow, with many stranded vehicles and passengers. Long delays and cancellations on bus, rail and air travel are expected. Some communities could become cut off for several days.

“Long interruptions to power supplies and other services.”

Joseph Carey takes over live reporting from Nicole Stinson

Wednesday, February 28

10.15pm: Yellow warning updated by Met Office to include parts of southern England

The updated yellow warning for Northern Ireland, all of Scotland and eastern England until 11.55pm tonight now includes parts of southern England.

The Met Office said: “Snow showers will bring variable snow cover, with the potential for 10-15 cm of snow where showers are most frequent in the north, while nearby locations may see only 1 to 4 cm.

“Southeastern areas of England should see overnight showers ease. Strong winds will lead to drifting of snow and severe wind chill, while lightning could be an additional hazard, particularly near coasts.

“The warning area has been updated again, this time to include parts of southern England where snow showers may produce 1 to 3 cm this evening. Amber and Red warnings are in force for areas seeing higher impacts.”

6.24pm: Met Office issues more weather updates on Twitter 

The Met Office tweeted: “Further showers for Northern England Thursday and Friday, adding more snow in places.

“Fewer showers in the south, but brace yourself for stronger winds and treacherous icy conditions.

“Northern Ireland will have further snowfall over the next few days, mainly in the south.

“Watch out for icy conditions and a bitter wind chill. Take care and stay weather aware."

Temperatures could reach as low as -5C in several parts of the country tonight including Manchester, Hull, Newcastle, Plymouth and Cardiff.

Meanwhile, Norwich and Glasgow could see temperature plummet as low as -6C tonight, according to the latest Met Office weather forecast.

6pm: Nicole Stinson takes over live reporting from Vickiie Oliphant

4.12pm: Storm Emma to bring MORE SNOW tomorrow

Wintry weather warnings are already in place for blizzard conditions from 2pm on Thursday, lasting until at least 8am Friday morning.

But Storm Emma is supposed to bring even more weather hell tomorrow when it hits the UK.

Weather maps from show the fierce winds are expected to hit the UK late tomorrow morning - while the eye of the storm is at the western tip of Spain.

The storm should avoid a direct hit in the UK but the winds will whip up a real storm along the south west.

Met Office weather forecast UK mapTWITTER•MET OFFICETemperatures could reach as low as -5C in several parts of the country tonight

3.46pm: Motorists told not to travel in Scotland – red alert issued

People have been told to avoid travelling after the highest level of alert was issued for heavy snow in parts of Scotland.

The Met Office warning covered most of the country including central Scotland, Tayside and Fife, south west Scotland, the Lothians and Borders and Strathclyde areas.

It means extreme conditions are expected in those areas between 3pm on Wednesday and 10am on Thursday.

It is the first red alert for snow in Scotland since a new warning system came into place in 2011.

2.34pm: Snow still falling in the north

Realtime data from Meteo Radar shows North of England and Scotland are still seeing heavy snowfall this afternoon.

As of 2.20pm. parts of Carlisle and Newcastle were still seeing snow.

While in Scotland, Dumfries, Glasgow and Edinburgh are still being hammered by the freezing weather front.

1.34pm: Snow will continue into the weekend

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said maximum temperatures on Wednesday would be barely above freezing, feel more like minus 10C (14F)once the wind chill factor is taken into account.

The snow is expected to continue well into Thursday, with even more snow expected to fall on Friday as Storm Emma is scheduled to hit.

And yellow weather warnings have been issued for parts of Scotland and the north on Saturday and Sunday

Snow radar: BBC weather mapBBC WEATHERSnow radar: BBC weather map shows where the heaviest snow fell in the UK

Snow radar liveWXCHARTSSnow radar live: Find out where it is snowing RIGHT NOW

12.50pm: The latest

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