Time travel proof? ALIEN PLANET 'archaeologist' from 6491 'is STUCK HERE' after ...

Time travelGetty • YouTube ApexTVMr Oliver went on to describe his role as a 'field analyst' that involves him time travelling

James Oliver issued the world with the shocking revelation in a video that detailed his life on another “planetary system”.

He explained: “Hello my name is James Oliver and I’m from a planetary system that is not this one, I’m sorry I’m being very vague I cannot be specific, it’s company procedure. I work for an organisation, I cannot disclose the name of this organisation, it’s against policy, but essentially what I am is I’m sort of like an archeologist.

“What actually happened to my craft is on January 31 of this year when the super blue blood moon happened, it interrupted a transmission I was receiving from headquarters, it was a simple software update for my ship.

“But what had happened was the geological event had disrupted the signal somehow and I got backchannels flooding into my system from outside sources and it essentially fried the operating system of my ship, which means that I am stuck here until another research team lands on this planet.

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“I could be here a few more days, I could be here a few more years, decades, centuries. I really don’t know. I haven’t gone much into the future from here.

“Where I am from is an interesting story because my planet and Earth, of course, are do not have the same orbit pattern around the respective suns. So you have 365 days in a year, mine is a bit different, it just has to do with the fact that my planet is further away from my sun than yours is. It is not a big deal but it does make it hard to try to figure out which year I am actually in.

"Thankfully there are some equations and calculations that can help me with that. I have completed these and the year that I’m from in relation to your version of measuring time, I’d be from the year 6491.”

Mr Oliver went on to describe his role as a “field analyst” that involves him travelling through time to observe different

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