Survive Snow Storm Emma: 'Walk like a penguin' to stop BREAKING hip on icy ...

Snow Storm Emma walk penguin ice path break hip snow UK weatherGETTYSnow Storm Emma: The doctor said to walk like a penguin to not fall

Orthopaedic surgeon Peter O’Rourke said that hip and wrist fractures are common in heavy snow conditions.

He said: "In 1982, during the heavy snowfalls, in the hospital, I worked in we had 65-69 wrist fractures and 29 hip fractures in the space of a few days.”

He added that it is mainly hips and wrist fractures in older people, while younger people tend to break their ankle.

The doctor has prescribed a few safety tips to keep in mind while walking around in the snow, including walking like a penguin.

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Spreading your feet out slightly while walking on ice increases the centre of gravity.

You should also try to bend slightly and walk with short, flat-footed steps.

The doctor also said you need supportive laced-up shoes that can grip the ice.

Other basic safety tips include looking ahead while you walk.

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