UK tax payer to shell out MILLIONS for 'EU trade yacht' in Brexit divorce bill ...

Brexit news UK taxpayer EU European Union trade yacht Jean-Claude Juncker news latestGETTYBrexit news: The yacht is to secure post-Brexit trade agreements

The ship dubbed “le trade yacht” is designed to secure post-Brexit trade agreements with countries outside the EU, and particularly the Commonwealth, it has been reported.

A share of the estimated £350million cost of the new yacht will be added to the £37billion Brexit bill that the UK must already pay to leave the EU, Brussels sources said.

An EU source said last night: “Now the Brits are gone, Europe can rule the waves.”

The yacht will have 27 bedrooms for national leaders, the world’s longest floating bar and a lifeboat called “Article 50”.

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News of the EU yacht plan is likely to enrage Brexiteers as Theresa May is resisting pressure to commission a replacement for the royal yacht.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is said to be enthusiastic about having a federal yacht.

According to his biographer, Avril Poisson, the EU chief has been angling for a vessel since he visited HMY Britannia in 1987 when he was Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Britannia is thought to have secured £3billion in trade

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