#Alien SHOCK PROOF? NASA-backed study claims aliens could be living in #Venus ...

According to scientists, dark patches have been spotted on the planet’s clouds which could suggest that microbes may be able to live there. 

They used space probes to detect dark patches around the rust-coloured body of Venus, which resemble light-absorbing properties of bacteria seen on Earth. 

The research was published earlier this week and suggests that the microbes could survive by being blown around by winds in Venus’ cooler cloud tops.

The NASA-backed report reads: "Our comparative analyses support the blended hypotheses that terrestrial-type biology can survive within and contribute to the spectral signatures of Venus' clouds.

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"To test the ideas presented here, we propose the need for an integrated chemical, biochemical, and microbiological study focusing on the survival and spectroscopy of terrestrial microorganisms under Venus' cloud conditions."

The experts said in light of the findings, further

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