Lachlan EXPOSED in #Emmerdale as Rebecca edges closer to recovering her memory?

Lachlan White (played by Thomas Atkinson) may be exposed for his involvement in Lawrence White (John Bowe) and Chrissie White’s (Louise Marwood) death in an upcoming episode of Emmerdale.

The teenager and his aunt Rebecca White (Emily Head) were the only two family members to survive the horrific car crash, which took place on Boxing Day last year.

However, Lachlan was responsible for the collision as he had grabbed the wheel of the car and spun towards an oncoming lorry, causing the vehicle to flip over.

While Chrissie and Lawrence both died following the fatal crash, Rebecca spent weeks in a coma.

But since Rebecca’s release from hospital her mental health has deteriorated and Lachlan has made no attempt to help her restore her memory, fearing he will be exposed.

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Desperate to get her memory back, Rebecca seeks help from a hypnotherapist this week but when Ross Barton (Michael Parr) accidentally lets slip of her plans, Lachlan tries to stop her.

“You never told me your seeing a hypnotherapist,” Lachlan said, scouring Rebecca.

“Yeah, I thought it would upset you,” Rebecca replied.

“I know you don’t want to go over everything, but I really do.”

After offering to drive Rebecca to

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