Remainer Lord turns on 'RUTHLESS' Europhile peers bidding to COERCE UK into ...

The Remainer Lord urged fellow peers to stop using the Irish border issue to keep the United Kingdom in the customs union despite Brexit.

The European Union warned the UK that failure to produce a viable proposal to keep a frictionless border with Northern Ireland would force Britain to leave the nation aligned with the bloc.

Lord Howarth launched into a tirade as peers discussed the EU Withdrawal Bill in the upper house: "We are told that unless we remain in the customs union there will be a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which would contrary to the Good Friday Agreement and would endanger peace in Northern Ireland.

"The future of Northern Ireland, the peace in Northern Ireland, is hugely important and we have very serious responsibilities in regard to Ireland.

GETTY•PARLIAMENT TVBrexit news: Lord Howarth slammed peers seeking to keep Britain in the customs union

"My Lords, the future of Britain, the future interests of Britain, the future economic opportunities of Britain, are just as important – I would contend more important."

The Irish border question already delayed the first phase of Brexit talks as the EU bloc refused to agree to British proposals to

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