Camilla's Royal hat MOCKED for looking like PRAWN platter

Camilla Parker BowlesPA/TWITTERCamilla Parker Bowles' hat has been compared to a prawn platter

But social media users quickly shared their opinions on the elaborate hat with some unfortunate comparisons - including a prawn and ham platter. 

Alongside an image of an Iceland king prawn platter, one Twitter user said: “Camilla's hat... I swear I've seen that before... Ah-HAH! #RoyalWedding”. 

And the food comparisons didn’t stop there, with another Twitter user likening Camilla’s hat to a platter of ham and cured meats. 

Meanwhile, others joked that the elaborate creation looked like a “furry toilet seat” and a kitchen mop. 

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Camilla’s hat looks like they captured an image of one of these mops while it was being wrung out. #RoyalWedding

A Twitter user said: "Is it just me or did Camilla look like she was wearing one of those furry toilet seat covers from the 70s as a hat?!?!” 

Another said: “Camilla’s hat

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