'Swapping Westminster for BRUSSELS' BBC QT audience member BLASTS SNP 'double ...

BBC Question TimeBBCKate Forbes scrambled to impose the SNP’s lust for independence on the Question Time audience

The comments came after SNP MEP Kate Forbes insisted Scotland should be discussing its quest for independence in the midst of vital Brexit negotiations.

A member of the crowd questioned: “How can Scotland ever be independent when it’s swapping a Westminster Government for a Brussels one?”

The SNP was then blasted for not representing the audience member “in any shape or form” who also highlighted the SNP’s “double standards”.

The audience member added: “I voted to Remain in the UK but I voted to Leave the EU, so really the SNP don’t represent me in any shape or form.

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“I just think that there’s double standards there with the SNP.”

Earlier Ms Forbes had insisted “now is the time” to be having the debate for Scottish independence.

She commented: “Now is the time to be having the debate, now is not the time to be talking about when that next referendum is.

"Now is the time to be talking about why we should have another referendum.

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