#StarWars villain Darth Maul's NEXT movie is NOT #HanSolo 2 or #BobaFett it is ...

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been warmly received by critics but has been struggling at the box office.

There have been reporst of a fan backlash and even boycott after much unhappiness with The Last Jedi.

Even so, The Solo film itself has not faced direct harsh criticism and the major cameo at the end has reignited excitement and speculation over future Star Wars Anthology movies. 

Especially since a certain Jedi master movie seems to be entering pre-production next according to reports.


Star Wars Darth Maul reports for next Anthology movieDISNEYStar Wars Darth Maul reports for next Anthology movie

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Darth Maul made a shock hologram appearance at the end of Solo, revealing himself as Qi'ra's Crimson Dawn boss and summoning her to his side.

This immediately suggested the rogue Sith would feature in any Solo sequels.

However, these may be years away and there is another Anthology movie that is widely expected to be announced for December 2020 release.

Furthermore a recent teaser by Darth Maul star Ray Park at a convention ties in closely with reports he is already in talks for his next Star Wars role.

Solo: A Star Wars Story - Easter eggs and

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