HEALTH NOTES: Egg scientists crack hair loss

An egg a day may keep hair loss at bay, according to dermatologists in Japan. A series of studies, in which human hair follicles were implanted into mice, found that egg yolk stimulated the growth of new human hair cells. 

The research, published in the Journal Of Medicinal Food, revealed a compound in egg yolk which, when applied or taken orally, stimulated a protein called vascular endothelial growth factor, crucial for hair-cell repair and growth. 

Study authors said the egg compound could be a ‘hair-growth stimulation agent’. 

Jockey's new fitness regime is a winner

An award-winning young jockey has launched a revolutionary new fitness class that he has called Jockey Fit.

Tom Marquand, 20, (below) who has had 40 winners since the start of the season, has drawn on equestrian-themed exercises to deliver an online, jockey-inspired fitness routine.

The 30 minute, non-equipment

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