Scientists develop 'HYPER' glue with ultra-strong bonds

Scientists develop a new type of 'HYPER' glue that creates ultra-strong bonds between materials at the molecular level and can't be separated by human force New 'hyper' glue seals plastics with force stronger than any commercial glue Scientists made their glue from a new, stronger chemical reaction method New glue is being used in protective clothing for military in extreme conditions 

By Jonathan Chadwick For Mailonline

Published: 18:36 GMT, 5 December 2019 | Updated: 08:39 GMT, 6 December 2019




Materials scientists have created a 'hyper' glue robust enough for use in heavy duty protective gear by developing ultra-strong connections at the molecular level.

The liquid adhesive, developed by Canadian researchers with specially-developed 'cross-linking' molecules, can bind plastics better than any commercial glues.

In demonstrations, two pieces of plastic secured by the glue appeared impossible to break under human force.

The Canadian government is backing a project to use the glue in bulletproof clothing for emergency responders. 

Researchers in Canada unsuccessfully attempted to separate two pieces of plastic attached by their new 'hyper' glue

Researchers in Canada unsuccessfully attempted to separate two pieces of plastic attached by their new 'hyper' glue


Cross-linking technology tightly binds materials where commercial glues cannot

Canadian researchers used bis-diazirine molecules as cross-linking agents

These molecules can be activated or heat or light to form carbenes

Carbenes are reactive molecules that readily insert into polymer carbon-hydrogen bonds

This allows the cross-linking of essentially any organic polymer 

'By using this cross-linking technology, we're better able to strongly fuse together different layers of fabric types to create the next generation of clothing for extreme environments,' said organic chemistry Professor Jeremy Wulff at the University of Victoria, Canada.

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