ALL OF US bombers destroy hotel ‘used because ISIS HQ’ in Mosul 


Ashur Hotel in Mosul was destroyed by a US-led coalition air strike on Mar 10 The hotel, being used because an ISIS headquarters, was upon west bank of River Tigris


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15: 02 GMT, 20 March 2017

15: 05 GMT, 20 March 2017

The US-led coalition offers released footage of the air hit which it claimed destroyed a good ISIS headquarters building in Mosul.

Officials from Operation Inherent Solve said the Ashur Hotel upon the banks of the Water Tigris was targeted on Mar 10 because it had offered being a military headquarters for ISIS.

Yahoo! News reported the region around the Ashur Hotel has been captured by Iraqi forces 4 days later.

The US-led coalition released footage of the 'ISIS headquarters' being bombed on March 10

The US-led coalition released footage from the ‘ISIS headquarters’ being bombed on March 10

Iraqi forces are now pushing northern from the Ashur Hotel in to the districts of As Sarjikhanah, Bab at Tawb and Hayy because Sikkak.

But progress is slower and ISIS suicide bombers always strike behind the frontline.  

Meanwhile Rudaw reported that six ISIS frontrunners, all of whom were foreign people, were killed in an air flow strike in Iraq but this was not clear if this has been the same incident.

They had been named as: Milaz Siru, the British citizen of Moroccan ancestry, Abdulkarim al-Rusi, a Russian, Saleh Ahmed, a French national, Abu Dihaa al-Maghribi and Abdullah Hamud who have been both Moroccan, and Yousif Awni, a Turk.

The video shows the Ashur Hotel, with its large car park, in a pristine state before the airstrike

The video clip shows the Ashur Hotel, along with its large car park, within a pristine state prior to the airstrike

The footage catches the flash of the air strike as it obliterates the hotel

The footage catches the flash associated with the air strike as this obliterates the hotel

The building, which was being used by ISIS, is consumed by smoke after the airstrike

The building, which usually was being utilized by ISIS, is

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