Enduring scars of prisoner Michael O’Keefe with e4e carving


LASTING SCARS: Former Australian Army reservist Michael O'Keefe, 41 (pictured) posed for photographs for Daily Mail Australia - and can be seen pointing to a scar on his neck - sixteen months after the alleged assault

LASTING SCARS: Former Aussie Army reservist Michael O’Keefe, 41 (pictured) posed for photographs to get Daily Mail Australia – and may be seen pointing to the scar in the neck – 16 months following the alleged assault

The marks may have faded slightly — but you can still view the Islamic State slogans carved to the forehead of former Australian Military reservist Micheal O’Keefe.

Sixteen a few months ago, Mr O’Keefe, now 41, began sharing a Kempsey prison cell in with Muslim defendent Bourhan Hraichie, 18.

Police hold the Islamic State sympathiser arranged on O’Keefe, choking him, defeating him with a cable plus pouring hot water over his encounter.

And in injuries that are usually still apparent today, Hraichie after that allegedly carved the letters ‘e4e’ – ‘eye to have an eye’ — into his forehead and neck of the guitar.  

The slogan continues to be adopted simply by the extremist group.  

The claimed attack left O’Keefe fighting to get his life.  O’Keefe was had been put in an induced coma and claims to have invested 3 months in hospital recovering.

During his first exclusive interview along with Daily Mail Australia, O’Keefe uncovered his scars for the 1st time – and recalled the particular moment he woke up within hospital days after the strike.  

He remembers thinking: ‘What the particular f*** happened? How come Now i’m still here? ‘

HORROR: O'Keefe, then aged 40, is pictured here in an induced coma in hospital following the alleged attack in April 2016

HORROR: O’Keefe, then aged 40, is definitely pictured within an induced coma in hospital following the claimed attack in April 2016



‘E4E’: The particular letters (left and right) had been allegedly carved into O’Keefe’s mind by his cellmate Bourchan Hraichie, then aged 18

TODAY: While the scars have faded away a little over time, the letters 'E4E' are clearly imprinted upon his forehead

TODAY: While the scars have passed away a little over period, the letters ‘E4E’ are obviously imprinted upon his forehead


BEFORE: These photographs of O'Keefe's purple back were leaked to the media shortly after the event

BEFORE: Pictures of O’Keefe’s purple front plus back after the attack are usually pictured

AFTER: Another lasting mark of the alleged encounter is seen on the back of his neck, photographs show 

AFTER: Another long lasting mark from the alleged encounter is definitely seen on the back associated with his neck, photographs show 

Many Australians soon asked the same issue, with photographs of his accidental injuries – his purple back plus carved forehead – leaking in order to the media within days.  

The alleged attack sparked outrage, especially given O’Keefe was a previous soldier who had been used overseas.

The uproar saw the particular manager of the Mid Northern Coast Correctional Centre stood lower, pending an investigation.  

(A Further Services NSW spokeswoman said the particular manager now works at the separate correctional facility).  

Accused: Bourhan Hraichie, now aged 19, has been charged with grievous bodily harm or wounding with intent to murder

Accused: Bourhan Hraichie, now elderly 19, has been charged along with grievous bodily harm or wounding with intent to murder

Police have got alleged Hraichie called prison officials into the cell following the particular attack.  

Hraichie was charged along with four offences, including causing grievous bodily harm or wounding along with intent to murder, and a good arraignment has been set to get Friday.

O’Keefe struck a private settlement with the prisons company.  

But the pain still continues to be, and doesn’t understand why the particular attack happened to him.  

A former farmhand and Army reservist, he was serving a jail sentence for domestic violence accidents.  

He said: ‘I just wished to do my best, perform my time, and go house, you know? ‘   

Life out of jail has been relatively peaceful for O'Keefe - with him hard at work getting his houseboat up and running

Life out of jail has already been relatively peaceful for O’Keefe — with him hard at function getting his houseboat up plus running

O'Keefe struck a confidential settlement with Corrective Services NSW after the incident

O’Keefe struck the confidential settlement with Corrective Solutions NSW after the incident

He informed Daily Mail Australia pictures associated with his forehead scars make your pet ‘spin out’ – even when buddies insist they can’t really view the lines left behind.  

‘à may see them. People say they will can’t (but) I believe they’re simply saying that to make myself feel better. ‘   

‘They (the scars) have gone away a small bit…. If you’ve seen the particular photographs, they were pretty strong. ‘ 

‘I can’t sleep. I have not slept a good day given that it all happened.  I maintain on getting nightmares. I nevertheless have – I still obtain threats. ‘ 

He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and memory reduction. He wakes up with back again pain and sometimes, at evening, he seems like he can’t inhale and exhale.  

O'Keefe poses with the 'only new thing' he's ever bought himself - a flash motorbike

O’Keefe poses along with the ‘only new thing’ your dog is ever bought himself – the flash motorbike

He feels edgy within

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