Professionals are a 'blob' which is harming the economy


Liz Truss (pictured) said middle-class professionals are a 'blob' that harms the economy 

Liz Truss (pictured) said middle-class professionals are a 'blob' that harms the economy 

Middle-class professionals such as doctors, lawyers and teachers are a 'blob' that harms the economy, cabinet minister Liz Truss claimed yesterday.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury said they were 'constantly lobbying to put barriers up to prevent new people joining them'.

At a conference in London, Miss Truss claimed: 'They can be the lobbyists. They can be the unions. They can be the bureaucrats. They can be the nimbys.

'I call them The Blob. Gloopy. Treacly. Hard to define. Harder to resist.

'We know that professional regulations can be a damaging restraint on trade. They can reduce opportunities, keep women out of the best roles, and limit the overall number of jobs available.

Today, licensing is the most restrictive form of occupational regulation in the UK, covering around a quarter of groups in the labour market. We now have more regulated occupations than France, or Belgium.'

In her speech, Miss Truss used a lack of formal qualifications for teachers in free schools as a positive example of the kind of deregulation she wants to see introduced, the

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