Syrian missile crashes into #Cyprus - how safe is it for travel?

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Cyprus holidays are undertaken by around a million Britons every year with the island a popular tourist destination for summer trips. However, tourism could be set to be threatened after the country was hit by what is believed to be a stray Russian-built Syrian missile this morning. The incident could drag the holiday island into a greater Middle Eastern conflict. So how safe is it to travel to Cyprus? This is the latest travel advice.

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Cyprus caught in crossfire of Israeli-Syria conflict - hit by missile

yprus holidays 2019: Syrian missile crashes into island - how safe is Cyprus for travel?

A missile struck Cyprus in the early hours of Monday morning, narrowly missing the densely populated capital of Nicosia and crashing on a mountainside. 

Hills were set on fire by the errant missile but no casualties have been reported.

Officials say the missile, believed to be a Russian-made S-200, could be a rogue strike which saw the missile veering off course after being launched in retaliation to an Israeli airstrike on Syria. 

This is the first time Cyprus has been caught in the crosshairs of the war in Syria.

The incident could risk dragging the holiday hotspot into the conflict.

However, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has not updated its travel advice for the island.

cyprus holidays 2019 missile nicosia bomb news syria war fco travel adviceCyprus holidays 2019: A missile struck Cyprus in the early hours of Monday morning (Image: Getty Images)

Nevertheless, the FCO issues advice on other safety and security points, particularly in relation to crime.

“Crime against tourists

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