WATCH: #NaomiCampbell displays her VERY strange plane routine - but should you ...

Flights require different levels of preparation depending on what sort of plane passenger you are. English model Naomi Campbell has proved just how particular she is when she boards a flight. The 49-year-old has uploaded a video of her travel routine to her YouTube channel. Campbell greatly entertained her fans with the attention to detail she took before sitting down.

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Flights: Naomi Campbell displays her strange plane cleaning routine in bizarre viral video

The video clip of Naomi Campbell shows the star donning a pair of latex gloves and wielding a pack of Dettol antibacterial wipes.

Campbell proceeds to clean absolutely everything around her business class seat on the Qatar Airlines flight.

“You clean anything you could possibly touch,” she tells the camera. “Anything you can put your hands on.”

The model wipes her TV screen and controller, the table, armrests, the seat - no surface in her vicinity is left untouched by the Dettol wipes.

“This is what I do on every plane I get on,” Campbell explains as she busts the germs.

“I do not care what people think of me. It's my house and it makes me feel better.”

flights naomi campbell plane cleaning youtube clean viral videoFlights: Naomi Campbell dons a pair of latex gloves and wielding a pack of antibacterial wipes (Image: YouTube/Naomi Campbell)

She also whips out a seat cover from her bag and says that

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