BBC Weather: Lightning strikes to batter UK as thunderstorms sweep across ...

BBC WEATHER forecaster Carol Kirkwood warned of continued wet weather for parts of the UK as persistent thundery showers will engulf parts of the UK while other areas remain relatively dry.

PUBLISHED: 08:41, Thu, Aug 1, 2019 | UPDATED: 08:45, Thu, Aug 1, 2019

BBC Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood reflected on the heavy showers the UK has faced over the last couple days and intense flooding in some central England areas. She explained that over the next few days the heavy rain will subside but on Thursday some areas will experience similar, as the country is hit with thunder and lightning showers. Ms Kirkwood said: “For the next few days you will be pleased to hear there are fewer showers around but having said that, today those that are around will be heavy and slow-moving in places.

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“This is what happened yesterday afternoon, look at all the thunderstorms, look at all the thunder and lightning.

‘We had almost 5,000 lightning strikes in about 24 hours.

“Now what is happening is the low pressure that brought all this rain in yesterday and last night and today in fact is now across the North Sea.

“The weather front attached to that is draped across eastern England and pulling away.

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BBC Weather 1THE UK has experienced heavy rainfall and thundery showers that are set to continue Thursday (Image: WXCHART/BBC)

BBC Weather Met OfficeThe UK can expect more thundery showers and intense downpours (Image: Met Office)

“So this morning it is a quiet start, it is a dry start for many but as temperature rise,

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