Hannah Roberts alive in major #TheCapture clue you missed - has her fate been ...

Hannah (played by Laura Haddock) was the hot shot lawyer who managed to get solider Shaun Emery’s (Callum Tuner) murder charged overturned after she discovered some video evidence had a time delay, seemingly proving he didn’t kill someone in the line of duty. Since then, the BBC thriller series has aired a number of twists to the tale with the former army personnel on the run as he’s assumed to have killed his barrister. But is she really dead?

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Going back to the first episode of the series, Hannah was last seen getting on bus after she and Shaun shared a passionate kiss following the celebration of his release.

The former solider then returned home, only to be rearrested by the police as some fairly incriminating evidence emerged.

After examining CCTV footage from the moment Shaun parted ways with Hannah, the authorities believed the army personnel was guilty of murder after he was seen attacking the barrister.

Only problem was, the distressed father-of-one had no recollection of committing any assault against Hannah, although his and seemed to be playing tricks of him by imagining flashbacks of him hurting his barrister.

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The Capture: Hannah Roberts alive in major clue you missedThe Capture: Hannah Roberts alive in major clue you missed - here's how (Image: BBC)

The Capture: Shaun Emery and Rachel CareyThe Capture: Shaun Emery and Rachel Carey are questioning the evidence (Image: BBC)

The Capture on BBC cast: Who is in the cast of The Capture?

Detective Inspector Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger) was put in charge of the case and although she too believed Shaun was guilty of Hannah’s murder, there was no evidence to suggest he’d committed the crime.

Rachel soon began to question whether her instincts were right when DSU Gemma Garland (Lia Williams) turned up to assist with the case.

The shady character arose suspicions as she ordered the CCTV footage, which was the only evidence in the case against Shaun, be held back.

Trying to track Shaun down after his initial release from prison, the evidence the police were looking for soon emerged as a car the suspect had been driving to escape capture contained what seemed to be the corpse of Hannah.

The Capture: Hannah RobertsThe Capture: Hannah Roberts is presumably dead after her corpse was discovered (Image: BBC)

The Capture: Frank NapierThe Capture: Frank Napier is leading a network to try and set up Shaun Emery (Image: BBC)

At the same time, the police investigation was being jeopardised

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