easyJet boost flight offering at Gatwick and Bristol airports purchasing Thomas ...

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EASYJET is set to boost its flight offering from Gatwick and Bristol following the acquisition of Thomas Cook's landing slots. Will this mean more frequent flights?

PUBLISHED: 09:50, Fri, Nov 8, 2019 | UPDATED: 11:14, Fri, Nov 8, 2019

easyJet is set for a boost at Gatwick and Bristol airports after handing over £36m for new landing slots. Previously owned by fallen travel operator Thomas Cook, the new landing slots will offer additional opportunities for the budget airline to dispatch flights to and from. The spots at Gatwick will offer 12 additional summer plot pairs and eight winter slot pairs. At Bristol, the airline will enjoy six new summer plot pairs and one winter slot pair.

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A spokesperson for easyJet said: “easyJet has successfully acquired Thomas Cook’s slots at Gatwick Airport (12 summer slot pairs and 8 winter slot pairs) and Bristol Airport (6 summer slot pairs and one winter slot pair) for £36 million. Contractual terms have concluded and the slots have been awarded to easyJet.”

The airline has also advised that it will provide further detail on the new acquisition during its full-year result announcement on 19 November 2019. Though little is known about the impact the new slots will have for passengers, there is a chance the airline could be boosting flight frequency or its flight offering from the two air hubs.

Express.co.uk has reached out to both Gatwick and Bristol airports for comment.

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easyJet: Airline purchase landing slotsFlights: easyJet has bought the landing slots of fallen Thomas Cook at Gatwick and Bristol airport (Image: Getty Images)

Flights: Thomas CookFlights: easyJet will now take over the landing slots from fallen Thomas Cook at Gatwick (Image: Getty Images)

This week the airline also announced its flight offering for Autumn 2020, with prices starting as low as £30.99.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis appeared on Good Morning Britain to urge Britons to snap up this jaw-dropping deal while they can.

The flight offering will see holidaymakers jet off to exotic destinations including Santiago de Compostela, Tivat and Jerez de la Frontera for the lowest costs.

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