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AIR travel often requires passengers to take a large suitcase, especially on long-distance journeys. While packing your clothes and toiletries is okay, there are some common items you should never pack. A baggage handler reveals all.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 06:01, Sun, Feb 2, 2020

Travelling with a suitcase is a necessity for many holidaymakers, especially when jetting off on long, overseas trips. While passengers tend to be aware of weight and size limit for bags, they may not realise that there are some items they should avoid packing.

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A baggage handler for a major US airline revealed some of the things he has come across in luggage that can cause problems when in transit.

On a Reddit forum, he revealed the one thing passengers should never pack in their suitcase.

“Food,” he wrote. “Please don't pack food or drinks in your bag. They rot, break, leak, open. It smells. Especially alcohol. Then I smell all day after picking up a bag that leaked on me.

“Same goes for cologne and perfume. Please wrap it well so it doesn't break!”

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Luggage: Baggage handler adviceLuggage: Baggage handler recommends not packing these items to avoid damage (Image: Getty Images)

luggage dont pack foodLuggage: The baggage handler recommends never packing food (Image: Getty Images)

Baggage handlers send their day-to-day lifting, often quite heavy, bags on and off planes.

Occasionally these bags end up being thrown if they are too heavy to carry normally, and anything with a glass bottle inside could result in spillage.

Though throwing luggage may see quite an inconsiderate move, for baggage handlers it can be the most efficient way of manoeuvring a difficult to move suitcases.

However, a fellow baggage handler has revealed that, if packing glass bottles or fragile items is a necessity, there is one type of suitcase that is easier for handlers to move around without major impact.

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