The one candidate ready to give US President 'run for his money' exposed

The Administration is confident Donald will secure another four years in the White House should the impeachment trial clear the US President from any claim of wrongdoing. But Republican strategist Greg Swenson and former Democratic Senator Capri Cafaro both suggested a last-minute addition to the long list of Democratic candidates vying to challenge Mr in November could post a serious threat to the President. Asked who would be the biggest concern to Republicans, Mr Swenson said: "If you look at the obvious, it would be Biden but I think there’s some unpredictable candidates like Bloomberg.

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"Bloomberg can trawl up centre-right, moderate Republicans, especially urban and coastal Republicans. That would be a problem and both and Bloomberg have very similar backgrounds.

"Bloomberg’s biggest flaw, as far as the Democrats are concerned, is he’s a successful business person. That’s the one candidate that could give some trouble."

Asked whether she shared Mr Swenson's assessment, Ms Cafaro agreed the former New York mayor would be "absolutely" electable.

The former Ohio Senator said: "Just recently Mike Bloomberg has been endorsed by a number of Mayors across the country, including a mayor in Akron, Ohio, in the heartland, and the mayor of Washington D.C.

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Trump news Donald Trump Iowa Caucus Mike BloombergDonald has been warned Mike Bloomberg could pose a serious challenge to his Presidency (Image: FOX NEWS)

US Presidential Election 2020 Mike Bloomberg Donald Trump latest NewsBloomberg previously served as New York mayor from 2002 to 2013 (Image: MIKE BLOOMBERG)

"Two very different cities, two very different mayors. I can just speak from my home state of Ohio, which has been consistently perceived as a swing state in every presidential election – Mike Bloomberg has gained a lot of traction from both Democrats and moderate Republicans.

"If that is any indication, I think Mike Bloomberg could really…again, he is a New York billionaire, he can speak that language, he’s not afraid to back down and I think he could really give Donald a run for his money."

Mr Bloomberg was a late addition to the presidential race as he launched his campaign less than a year before the US Presidential election in November 2019.

While most of the Democratic candidates – including Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, former Vice-President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren – will be in Iowa ahead of Monday's caucus, Mr Bloomberg is expected to head to California to woo the 415 delegates up for the taking in the Golden State.

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Donald Trump Capri Cafaro US election 2020 Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg latest newsFormer Senator Cafaro said Bloomberg

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