Sonya Rebecchi 'replaced' in heartbreaking twist on #Neighbours as Toadie ...

Sonya (played by Eve Moray) was the beloved wife of Neighbours stalwart Toadie (Ryan Maloney), with the pair having their fair share of troubles over the years. As things started to get back on track for them, the mother-of-two discovered she had stage-four ovarian cancer and lost her life in heartbreaking scenes on the Channel 5 soap last year. The late character’s husband has been unable to move on, even though he was tempted to give in to his rekindled feelings for ex-wife Dee Bliss (Madeleine West) who returned to Ramsay Street months after his wife’s death. The pair agreed it wasn’t the right time for them to explore their relationship, but when she turns up in Erinsborough again in upcoming scenes, will she replace her ex-husband’s late wife?

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Although Dee never met Sonya, it was her twin sister Andrea Somers (also Madeleine West) who wreaked havoc for Toadie’s wife whilst she was still alive.

The schemer impersonated her identical sibling, who the Ramsay Street favourite presumed was dead, and tricked him into bed, leading to the birth of her son, Hugo Somers (John Turner).

Last year, her evil mother Heather Schilling (Kerry Armstrong) turned up in Erinsborough under the alias of Alice Wells and forged her way into the Rebecchi household as the couple’s new nanny.

In an attempt to drive the husband and wife apart, the sinister character poisoned Sonya and left her for dead.

Despite surviving the ordeal, it was from this the symptoms of her cancer were masked, therefore making the illness more advanced by the time she was diagnosed.

With the anniversary of her death being marked earlier this year, could she now be replaced by the daughter and sister of her rivals?

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Neighbours spoilers: Sonya Rebecchi replacedNeighbours spoilers: Sonya Rebecchi 'replaced' in heartbreaking twist as Toadie moves on (Image: Channel 5)

Neighbours spoilers: Sonya Rebecchi and Toadie RebecchiNeighbours spoilers: Sonya Rebecchi died in husband Toadie Rebecchi's arms (Image: Channel 5)

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The drama kicks off later this month on UK screens when Dee pays her sister a visit in prison, with Andrea desperately wanting to see her son, Hugo.

Soap spoilers have revealed this sequence of events will lead the beloved character to return to Ramsay Street and reunite with her ex-husband.

However, the sweet moment is short-lived when discussion of her sister arises and as the father of the child, he tells his ex-wife her twin will not have any form of access

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