Bradley Walsh bewildered by #TheChase career: 'Are you mad?'

Bradley Walsh, 60, was on hand to help another four quizzing amateurs take on Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty, 61, in another instalment of The Chase. As well as players Geoff, Bim and Alex all hoping to walk away with a share of the jackpot prize, it was Tom who was first up to the helm. However, before facing off against The Chaser, the contestant had to build up some cash to put into the bank. The ITV presenter wasn’t going to start without a probe into the quizzer's life, however, but was taken aback by one fact about the fine wine advisor’s career.


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The host requested to know what the best wine available at the moment was, wanting to make the most of the contestant’s expertise.

Tom replied: “Left Bank, Bordeaux. So Margaux, Chateau Margaux,” to which Bradley then asked how much one bottle of the beverage would be.

“About £300 - pricey,” the fine wine expert declared, with the presenter completely speechless as the guests in the studio laughed at his reaction.

“Are you mad?” the former soap star snapped, but the player explained: “I should point out I don’t buy it.

“I just get given it and drink it there,” he remarked before the question master got the cash-builder round underway.

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Bradley Walsh bewildered by The Chase player's unusual revelationBradley Walsh bewildered by The Chase player's unusual revelation: 'Are you mad?' (Image: ITV)

The Chase: Bradley WalshThe Chase: Bradley Walsh asked contestant Tom about his job (Image: ITV)

Bradley Walsh issues warning to The Chase player

With £6,000 to play for, Tom then played against Anne, despite expressing his interest in taking on ‘The Sinnerman’ star, Paul Sinha, 50.

Unfortunately, The Governess’ knowledge seemed too superior for him to defeat as he was knocked out of the first round.

It was then up for his successor Geoff to try and get the jackpot started, with the latter building up a total of £5,000 in his cash-builder round.

As the second contestant had made it back for the Final Chase, the quizmaster was hoping to get rid of the rest of the team.

The Chase: Anne HegertyThe Chase: Anne Hegerty

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