Forget about Scotland! It's WALES that could tear UK apart as independence ...

WELSH independence campaigners are targeting ties which bind the United Kingdom together after setting out a roadmap which they claim will enable Wales to go it alone - and kill off the union once and for all.

PUBLISHED: 07:00, Sun, Sep 13, 2020 | UPDATED: 07:21, Sun, Sep 13, 2020

And chairman of YesCymru Sion Jobbins claims the Internal Market Bill is a "Westminster power grab" which will shine a light on the issue. With polls suggesting majority support for Scottish independence, Welsh nationalism has garnered significantly less attention in recent years - but YesCymru aims to bring the question to the forefront, seeking to go beyond what organisers see as the overly cautious tactics employed by Plaid Cymru. Mr Jobbins told YesCymru was a "non-party political, cross-party volunteer movement for an independent Wales".


He wants Wales to have its own seat at the United Nations, and to stop sending MPs to Westminster.

A YouGov poll of 1,021 Welsh adults carried out in late May suggested 25 percent backed the idea of full independence, up four percent on a similar survey in January.

Mr Jobbings told "At the moment we are building a movement for independence and making the case.

"The arguments for independence have never really been made in Wales, not even by Plaid Cymru, until very recently.

"We've started from a very low base - typically around 10 percent - to two recent polls putting it 32 percent (of those who said they'd vote) would vote for independence (25 percent of whole sample but not everyone ever votes in any election).

Boris Johnson WalesBoris Johnson has been told Wales could soon stake its claim for independence (Image: GETTY)

Marchers Wales YesCymruA Welsh independence march last year (Image: GETTY)

"A poll published today shows that 51 percent of people who voted Labour in Wales in 2019 election would vote for independence, so the campaign is winning ground and winning new support.

"Our main priority at the moment is building the campaign in Wales, not seeing permission from Westminster.

"We know also that once the Scottish referendum is held - and we believe will see a vote for Scotland becoming a nation state - the situation in Wales will change dramatically as the UK will cease to exist."

With respect to Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, Mr Jobbins said: "Plaid have historically not pushed for independence preferring a more gradual approach.

"We set up YesCymru because we believed it was time to make the case clearly and confidently for independence otherwise people never hear the argument."

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Adam PricePlaid Cymru leader Adam Price (Image: GETTY)

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However, he added: "During the last few years, and especially since Brexit and Adam Price becoming leader of Plaid, the party has taken a more proactive path in making the case for Wales to be an independent country like other small nations like Ireland, Denmark, New Zealand or Singapore."

Questioned as to whether Wales, with its population of just under 3.25 million, could manage on its own, Mr Jobbins said: "Wales

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