Emily Maitlis breaks silence on #NewsNight 'hell' blunder: 'Not going to ...

EMILY MAITLIS - journalist and host of Newsnight - has broken her silence on Twitter over an awkward slip-up in last night's programme.

PUBLISHED: 09:55, Wed, Sep 23, 2020 | UPDATED: 10:24, Wed, Sep 23, 2020

Journalist Emily Maitlis, 49, has spoken out on a mistake she made while presenting BBC's Newsnight, after one Twitter user posted a video of the moment. The BBC host was seen accidentally pronouncing Hull as "hell".


I'm not going to recover from that, am I?

Emily Maitlis

The social media tweeted the gaffe, with the caption: "Hilarious! Forget the Prince Andrew interview, this is what you will be remembered for @Maitlis!

"#NewsnightFormer Health Secretary Alan Johnson joins us down the line from hell."

In the video, Emily announces: “The former health secretary Alan Johnson joins us on the line from Hell," before immediately recognising her error.

She added: “Sorry, Hull. From Hull. Alan Johnson.

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Emily Maitlis Newsnight Twitter blunderEmily Maitlis breaks silence on 'hell' blunder (Image: BBC/PA)

Emily Maitlis newsnight twitter pictures newsEmily Maitlis jokes she'll 'never recover' from blunder on Twitter (Image: PA)

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"I'm not going to recover from that, am I?"

It wasn't long before Emily acknowledged the footage and shared it onto her 401,000 Twitter followers.

The host tweeted: "For clarity I do know Hull is not hell.

"It’s rather lovely."

Emily Maitlis NEwsnight bbc pictures husbandEmily Maitlis joined Newsnight in 2006 (Image: PA)

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Emily Maitlis interview newsnight alan johnsonEmily Maitlis mistakenly calls Hull 'hell' (Image: PA)

Despite Emily being called out for her mistake, many fans waded in to support her

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