Kate Middleton’s heartwarming nod to the Queen Mother on royal engagement

KATE MIDDLETON and Prince William gave a heartwarming nod to Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother in one of their recent royal engagements.

PUBLISHED: 09:00, Sun, Oct 4, 2020 | UPDATED: 09:00, Sun, Oct 4, 2020

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The royal couple visited the East End of London, including helping to make bagels in a famous shop on Brick Lane, as well as visiting a local mosque and community centre. During World War Two, the East End was badly hit by the Blitz and the royals saw it as part of their duty to see the people of the East End. The Queen Mother in particular used to visit areas that had been bombed to try and raise morale and show solidarity.


In fact, she and King George VI refused to leave London, even at the height of the Blitz.

She said: “I would not send the children away without me, and I cannot ever leave the King.”

When Buckingham Palace was bombed, the Queen Mother famously said she was “glad” because now she could “look the people of the East End in the eye”.

It was this that made her a focal point for people during the war, a symbol of keeping up spirits despite all the hardship.

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kate middleton queen motherKate Middleton emulated the Queen Mother by going to the East End (Image: GETTY)

queen mother king george VIThe Queen Mother visiting bombed area of London (Image: GETTY)

Now, the coronavirus pandemic is arguably the worst crisis the world has seen since World War Two.

Certainly, freedoms have not been curtailed to such an extent in the UK since that time.

Therefore, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s latest trip is a fantastic nod to the work of royals past, making that link between the current situation with Covid-19 and the horrors faced by the war generation.

Pod Save the Queen is hosted by Ann Gripper and features Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers.

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queen mother buckingham palaceThe Queen Mother at a bombed Buckingham Palace (Image: GETTY)

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Ms Gripper interviewed royal photographer Ian Vogler for the podcast this week, who reflected on Kate and William's activity in the East End.

He said: “A couple of weeks ago now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to the East End of London, which was quite fitting because back in the day the East End, as we know, got terribly hit during the war and the royals

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