Paddy McGuinness opens up on #TopGear fears after Lamborghini crash

Earlier this year, Paddy McGuinness was involved in a serious car accident after losing control of a £250,000 Lamborghini while filming the latest series of Top Gear. The BBC presenter skidded on some oil and crashed the vehicle but luckily Paddy was relatively unscathed. However, the Top Gear host may surprise fans as he revealed his main concern following the incident. 

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In an exclusive interview with, Paddy addressed whether the crash made him reconsider his role on the motoring show. 

Paddy answered: “No, I think when any sort of bump or prang you have while you're filming happens it's a few days later when it kind of dawns on you [happened].

“It’s like when we did the Wall of Death, you know there were bits of our cars falling off as we were doing that. 

“But you just do it and then after you think, ‘Oh god that was a bit risky.’”

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Top GearTop Gear: Paddy McGuinness addressed his concerns after Lamborghini crash (Image: BBC)

Top GearTop Gear: Paddy, Freddie and Chris all push each other to complete challenges (Image: BBC)

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“Or when we were in Nepal on those roads up a mile high, if you make a wrong move that's it you're a goner,” he continued.

“So at the time it doesn’t [register], adrenaline kicks in, you don't really think too much of it. 

“I was more concerned about the owner being upset and the damage to his car, to be honest.”

“It's only after that you realise,” Paddy added. 

Top GearTop Gear: Paddy crashed after losing control of a £250,000 Lamborghini (Image: BBC)

Top GearTop Gear: Paddy, Freddie and Chris faced their fears and completed the Wall of Death (Image: BBC)

At the time, A BBC spokesman told “During Top Gear filming in North Yorkshire today presenter Paddy

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