Donald ‘surrenders to al-Qaeda’ with sudden Somalia troop withdrawal

Somalia: Loud bangs heard near SYL Hotel in Mogadishu

However the move has been condemned by a number of analysts with one Democrat politician describing the policy as a “surrender to Al-Qaeda”.  

Most American soldiers in the region are training Somali forces to help them fight Islamist extremist group al-Shabaab.

Last month a CIA official was killed during a botched rain on a suspected al-Shabaab bombmaker.

President has already ordered the number of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to be slashed ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

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According to the Pentagon some of the troops from Somalia will be sent to neighbouring countries whilst others will leave the area completely.

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In a statement they said: “The US is not withdrawing or disengaging from Africa.

“We remain committed to our African partners and enduring support through a whole-of-government approach.

“While a change in force posture, this action is not a change in US policy.

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