Sweating could indicate your risk of the deadly condition

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Heart attacks occur when blood and oxygen become blocked, usually by a blood clot. The most common underlying cause of blood clots is coronary heart disease (CHD), a process whereby coronary arteries (the major blood vessels that supply the heart with blood) become clogged with deposits of cholesterol. These deposits are called plaques. Sweating could indicate your risk.

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Sweating or feeling clammy could be caused by heart disease, warned the British Heart Foundation.

It's very normal to feel sweaty after doing exercise, or on a particularly hot day.

But, suddenly sweating for no obvious reason may be a sign of a heart attack.

It's more likely to be caused by heart disease if the sweating is accompanied by a sudden pain in your chest.

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Heart attack: SweatingHeart attack: Sweating could indicate your risk (Image: Getty Images)

"Around 11 percent of men and nine percent of women in the UK have been diagnosed with some form of heart or circulatory disease," said the charity.

"But what symptoms can we look out for that might indicate a potential heart problem?

"Working up a sweat when you’ve been to the gym or because it’s a really hot day, is nothing to worry about.

"But feeling hot and clammy along with chest pains is a sign that you should call an ambulance."

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