Kate Middleton is passionate about getting stuck in with outdoor activities.

Kate Middleton ‘had fun’ with Prince Louis images says expert

The Duchess of Cambridge has been involved with Scouting since 2012 and loves to engage with pioneering kids. Speaking to The Mirror, Matt Hyde, chief executive of The Scouts, described how the Duchess is incredibly passionate about getting stuck in.

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“She isn't daunted by [getting involved] and she enjoys doing it,” said Mr Hyde.

“This is something that is really core to her belief and what she's passionate about.

“She's experienced the power of being outdoors on her own well-being and the family's well-being, and she wants other people to experience that as well.”

Mr Hyde added: “She's not afraid to muck in and get involved and the children love that.”

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As one of the most popular members of the Firm, many wonder what the future queen is like off camera.

Kate Middleton clears up beach with volunteersKate Middleton not 'daunted' by outdoors activities (Image: Getty Images)

2013 - Kate Middleton cooks campfire food2013 - Kate Middleton cooks campfire food with Scouts (Image: Getty Images)

“What you see is what you get,” said Mr Hyde.

Experts have attributed her “very normal” personality to her upbringing which gives her clarity in the often chaotic life as a member of the Royal Family.

Kate has always been a proponent of having her own kids involved in outdoor activities.

In a speech at Chelsea Flower Show in 2019, the Duchess said: “The experiences we gain during our earliest years influence who we become as

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