Brexit fishing row: Scotland's fisheries 'collapsing' as fishermen warn of ...

Independence ‘final nail in the coffin’ for fishing says fisherman

Fishermen on both sides of the English Channel are struggling to adjust to the post-Brexit terms as bureaucracy hit businesses. Last month, French fishermen threatened to block trucks carrying fish from UK waters to Europe's largest seafood processing centre in the northern town of Boulogne-sur-Mer. One sign by a protestor read: “You want to keep your waters??? OK ... So, keep your fish!!!”

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Meanwhile in the UK, many fishermen are lamenting the Brexit trade deal as their businesses struggle to sell into Europe.

This has been especially apparent in Scotland, where people have warned the fishing industry is "collapsing."

The burden of red tape has led to a backlog of seafood that cannot make it across the border in time to be sold at markets in France and beyond.

With limited access to their main customers Scottish fishermen have been faced with a glut of perishable goods, with many warning their industry is "collapsing."

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Brexit news:Brexit news: Sturgeon opposed Brexit (Image: getty)

Brexit news: Fishermen have protested against the dealBrexit news: Fishermen have protested against the deal (Image: getty)

In February, trade body Scotland Food and Drink said: "Dozens of lorry loads of fish have failed to leave Scotland on time since the full Brexit regulations came into force on January 1 this year.

"Confusion over paperwork, the extra documentation needed and IT problems have all contributed to delays and hold-ups."

Santiago Buesa, director of SB Fish told the Reuters news agency: "Our customers are pulling out.

"We are a fresh product and the customers expect to have it fresh, so they're not

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