Princess Charlotte's blunt ultimatum to Prince George: 'Go quicker!'

Royal family visit Duchess' Chelsea Flower Show garden

Charlotte, who turns six today, featured in an adorable clip shared by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Thursday to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. But she also showed her sassy side in a video of the Cambridges playing in their woodland garden at the last in-person Chelsea Flower Show. In one clip, Charlotte can be heard bossing around her older brother as they climb some rocks by a brook.

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She impatiently egged him on, saying: “George! Quicker, George!”

In another part of the video, Charlotte gave a cheeky response to her father Prince William when he asked her to help her brother.

George appears to be trying to do something with a stick and a rock, a look of intense concentration across his face.

William asked Charlotte: “Can you help George?”, to which she abruptly responded: “No!”

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Princess Charlotte and Prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte's blunt ultimatum to Prince George: 'Go quicker!' (Image: TWITTER/GETTY)

Charlotte with George, William and KateCharlotte with George, William and Kate in the anniversary clip (Image: DUKE AND DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE)

The Royal Family are regular attendees of the Chelsea Flower Show because the Queen is the patron of the Royal Horticultural Society.

In 2019, the Duchess of Cambridge created a garden for the event in collaboration with several others to emphasise the importance of outdoor play for young children.

She brought her three children George, Charlotte and Louis to enjoy the garden and to demonstrate the benefits.

Charlotte has earned herself a reputation for being a confident, self-assured and cheeky little girl, in contrast to George’s quiet shyness.

At Prince Louis’ christening in 2018, Charlotte apparently told photographers: “You’re not coming!”

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Charlotte with George, William and KateCharlotte and George toast marshmallows with William and Kate (Image: DUKE AND DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE)

However, the children appear to get on very well, the footage showing the young princess happily playing with her family and sitting next to George with their legs dangling off a low bridge.

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