Margaret Thatcher brilliantly summed up what is wrong with Labour Party: 'Empty ...

Brexit: Bill Cash says Churchill and Thatcher ‘would be proud’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson would normally struggle to find support in a place like Hartlepool, in the North-East of England. Labour has held the town since 1964, with majorities in five figures as recently as 2001 when New Labour Peter Mandelson was MP. However, on June 23, 2016, Britons voted to leave the European Union and things changed.

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On May 6 Hartlepool will hold a by-election for a new MP, and polls from Survation and Ipsos MORI have put the Conservatives in front.

That is mainly as votes from the now defunct Brexit Party at the last election are expected to transfer to Mr Johnson in a Labour northern heartland where a Tory win would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

The town backed leaving the EU by a thumping 70 percent.

The vote will be a critical test for Mr Johnson after his landslide victory in 2019 paved the way to take Britain out of the European Union after years of wrangling.

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It will also present a significant litmus test of whether Keir Starmer’s strategy for winning back Labour’s former “Red Wall” is working.

After three general election defeats in a row, Labour is faced with a profound choice which will be thrown into strong relief by the Hartlepool ballot.

ctp_video, margaret thatcher, margaret thatcher news, iron lady, labour party, hartlepool, boris johnson, keir starmer,Margaret Thatcher brilliantly summed up what is wrong with Labour Party: 'Empty and artificial!' (Image: GETTY)

Yanis Varoufakis' brutal attack against Mario Draghi: 'A clear defeat for democracy!'Hartlepool (Image: GETTY)

As anticipation for the election grows, a speech by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has resurfaced, in which she explained why Labour was extremely successful in the early Noughties.

Speaking at a dinner for the Bromley Conservative association, the Iron Lady brilliantly summed up what was wrong with Labour, which at the time was led by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

She said: "It is not so much that they’ve taken over our positions, but rather that they have managed to shroud the whole political battlefield in an impenetrable fog.

"One of Dickens’ greatest novels begins by describing: 'Fog

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