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Want to lose weight FAST? Follow this one simple diet secret

Weight loss can be achieved by simply drinking water half an hour before meals.

Drinking water half an hour before they ate helped almost half of people tested to lose weight over three months.

The incredible study, carried out by the Department of Human Nutrition, at Virginia Tech University, made the findings.

A group of 48 overweight or obese adults were tested over a 12 week period.

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Slim woman drinking waterGETTYWeight loss: How to lose weight fast with water - follow this simple diet secret

Weight loss news and latest update: How to lose weight fast with water by following this simple diet secret

They were split into two, and each group ate a low-calorie diet, but one paired their food with 500 ml water prior to each daily meal.

Those who drank the water lost 2 kg more than those who didn’t drink the water. 

The scientists believed this may be down to the water reducing meal energy intake.

What is more, water has numerous other health benefits, including clear skin.

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