SHOCKING moment Manchester Arena 'homeless hero' hides DISGRACEFUL truth of ...

The Manchester Arena terror attack’s ‘homeless hero’ was caught on video just days after the bombing hiding the horrific truth about his real actions at the scene of the attack. 

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News a few days after the May 22 attack, Chris Parker said he had ‘no choice’ but to help after hearing children screaming. 

He said: “I was the unfortunate, well supposed to be a hero, but I’m not a hero. 

“I’m just a normal guy. Just a normal, regular guy who ran into the arena that night all because I heard kids screaming – I had no choice and I’d do it all over again quite happily.”

MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS•GETTYThe Manchester Arena terror attack hero pled guilty to stealing from injured victims

I heard kids screaming - I had no choice and I’d do it all over again quite happily

Chris Parker

After the attack Mr Parker gave emotional interviews claiming to have helped the injured, sparking a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than £52,000. 

In the video, Mr Parker said he is still homeless while he waits for the funds to come through. 

He said: “I’m still homeless on the streets, no matter what, even though the public have been funding all these funds.

“The funds don’t get released until next week so I’m struggling, really struggling. somebody has even just bought me chicken and chips for God’s

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