Hawaii volcano eruption update: USGS warns of magma intrusion

The volcano in Hawaii’s Big Island is close to an eruption, according to the USGS after a series of earthquakes compromise the crater floor. 

Geologists warned lava and magma maybe burst through the ground in Kilauea following more than 250 earthquakes rocked the volcano in 24 hours. 

Kilauea is the most active of the five volcanoes in mainland Hawaii and has been threatening to erupt for decades. 

Authorities have warned the public to be prepared for spewing magma should an eruption occur. 

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What happened in Kilauea?

Earlier this week, more than 250 earthquakes destroyed much of the integral crater floor of the volcano in a short space of time, collapsing the Pu’u O’o vent.

The vast majority of these earthquakes were minor, but the sheer number in a 24 hour period caused ripple effects throughout the island. 

One earthquake registered a magnitude of 4.2 on Tuesday morning, causing locals to fear an imminent eruption. 

Although it is unclear when or where an eruption could occur, scientists from the US Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory warn that a magma intrusion could spew forth lava from the island. 

Hawaii volcano eruption update: USGS warns of magma intrusionGETTYHawaii volcano eruption update: USGS warns of magma intrusion

Geologist Janet Babb said: “Magma has now migrated into a lower part of the east rift zone. There is a concern that it was in a rift near Highway 130, which is a major road on the island.”

Ms Babb noted that earthquake activity had subsided significantly since the earlier quakes this week.

The threat of an eruption is still high, despite the drop in activity.

On whether the decreasing seismic activity means the event

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