Has the royal been cancelled?! Letter says it might be called off

Royal 2018 frenzy is at fever pitch as the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry creeps closer, but not everyone is excited about the big event. 

In a handwritten letter sent to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s brother delivers a stark warning to the prince - suggesting the should be cancelled.

Thomas Markle Jr, the estranged brother to the Suits actress, told Prince Harry it wasn’t “too late” to call the off in the bizarre plea.

The 51-year-old shared the letter with In Touch magazine, warning that this could be the biggest mistake in history. 

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Who does that

Thomas Markle Jr

What did the letter say? 

Thomas Markle Jr wrote: “As more time pass to your royal , it became very clear that this is the night mistake in the royal history.”

Thomas resents Meghan Markle for allegedly failing to give financial help to their father, as he criticises the relationship further in the letter. 

The half-siblings have not seen each other in person since 2011, but that doesn’t stop the squabbling in the build-up to the

Meghan did not invite her family to her , instead inviting “complete strangers” according to the letter. A sentiment

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