Dark Souls Remastered review - A game-changing classic that still feel fresh ...

Dark Souls Remastered reviewBANDAI NAMCODark Souls Remastered review - The original Dark Souls was a genre-defining classic

Released almost seven years ago, Hidetaka Miyazaki’s influential classic carved its own niche in a crowded marketplace.

At a time when third-person cinematic blockbusters and all action FPS titles were in vogue, Dark Souls was the very anthesis of that.

A hard-as-nails, slow-paced RPG where it can take hours to get past just one section of the game.

And bosses whose difficulty could cause a player to rage quit in an instant and break their controllers in half.

On paper, it seemed to defy everything that was popular about gaming at the time.

But despite those odds Dark Souls was a runaway hit, becoming the darling of video games critics everywhere and developing a cult following.

It also carved out its own sub genre of gaming, with a number of titles trying to follow in its footsteps and replicate that successful Souls formula.

But if you’re looking for the pure Dark Souls experience, which caused millions to fall in love with the series, then the original is where it’s at.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, at the heart of Dark Souls is the idea that any enemy, whether it's a fearsome boss or harmless-looking grunt, can kill you.

Each journey in Dark Souls is fraught with danger as the 'souls' you get from fallen enemies, which are used for levelling up, are lost when an enemy kills you.

Dark Souls Remastered - Classic RPG returns to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PCsFri, June 1, 2018 Dark Souls Remastered is a revamp of the classic From Software RPG. It is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PCs with a Nintendo Switch version coming
Dark Souls Remastered is a revival of the classic From Software RPG


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Dark Souls Remastered is a revival of the classic From Software RPG

You get one chance to return to that same spot and retrieve these 'souls' - but if you die before then that EXP is lost forever.

This forces players into a gameplay loop, where you repeat each section of a level over and over until you learn where enemies attack you from and memorise their attack patterns.

It's a bold and brave conceit to put at the heart of a game - which when Dark Souls was first released back in 2011 risked turning many players off.

But the huge following Dark Souls has built since then, plus how exciting it still feels even today, shows it was a gamble worth paying off.

Dark Souls Remastered reviewBANDAI NAMCODark Souls Remastered review - Lordran is full of fearsome, humongous creatures to fight

This central gameplay loop hasn't been tinkered with in Dark Souls Remastered, but what has been tweaked is the visuals.

The 2018 version of Dark Souls brings with it a number of changes that makes it much more pleasing on the eye.

Vastly improved textures, a stable 60 FPS framerate and better, more natural lightning means Dark Souls Remastered looks far better than

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