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Feel good for your age? Sorry, but the Beeb’s got bad news

Oh, lovely. Here’s another thing to worry about. No matter how healthy you might think you are, Auntie Beeb reckons you could be teetering on your perch, ready to drop.

How To Stay Young (BBC1) might as well have been called It’s Later Than You Think, or Don’t Start Reading Any Long Books.

Dr Chris van Tulleken says that two-thirds of us are older on the inside, thanks to clogged arteries and failing organs. Regardless of the date in your passport, you could be 20 years more elderly than you ever guessed.

Dr Chris van Tulleken, Angela Rippon and Professor Mike Trenell on How to Stay Young (BBC1)

Dr Chris van Tulleken, Angela Rippon and Professor Mike Trenell on How to Stay Young (BBC1)

Take Patrick, an NHS worker who lived on a diet of fried food and chocolate. He was 51, but How To Stay Young claimed his body was 22 years older, and that internally Patrick had just celebrated his 73rd birthday.

This raises more questions than Dr Chris and co-presenter Angela Rippon were prepared to answer. For a start, is Patrick eligible for a bus pass? Does he need to reapply for his driving licence? Crucially, how much pension is he owed?

In fact, Patrick looked in pretty good shape for 51 — and if he’s actually 73, that’s astonishing. Thin and energetic, he was easily able to do press-ups, and was soon working out for ten hours a week.

Dr Chris does love his exercise routines. He met 47-year-old Jen, who survived ovarian cancer last year, and told the poor woman that she was really 71 on the inside. The main reason for this, he said, was her insomnia… and the cure for insomnia was workouts.

Jen protested that she hated exercise — so Dr Chris prescribed the most demanding regime of all: 20-minute bursts of ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ or HIITs. Ouch.

Most of his advice was sensible: eat oats for breakfast to reduce cholesterol, replace salty snacks with

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