#Ozark theories: Ben is 'still ALIVE' and may return in season 4 - here's how ...

Ben Davis (played by Tom Pelphrey) quickly became a fan-favourite in Ozark season three as the troubled brother of Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) moved to the Ozarks. viewers watched Ben's heartbreaking journey play out over 10 episodes as his romance with Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) and rekindled relationship with his sibling came to a gruesome end.


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After refusing to stay on his medication for his bipolar disorder, Ben became a lot more erratic with his decision-making.

And after discovering the truth about his sister and Marty's (Jason Bateman) business with Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), it was only a matter of time before he let the cat out of the bag.

Ben did so in less than subtle , raging at Helen in front of her teenage daughter, Erin (Madison Thompson).

Helen inevitably recognised the problem Ben posed to their organisation - and Wendy and Marty were all too aware of what her response would be.

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Ozark theories: Ben could still be aliveOzark theories: Ben could still be alive (Image: )

Ozark theories: Wendy was distraughtOzark theories: Wendy was distraught (Image: )

Ozark plot hole: Baffling error with Helen's daughter Erin exposed

Wendy made the drastic step of taking Ben out of town, telling him it was in order for him to be protected and escape Helen's clutches.

In reality, Wendy sacrificed her brother in order to protect the rest of her family and show her loyalty to Omar Navarro (Felix Solis).

The last viewers saw of Ben was a body wrapped in film in Nelson's (Nelson Bonilla) car before being incinerated at Marty's funeral home.

But was this really Ben's body being burnt? There are a few clues to suggest he never actually fell victim to the cartel's murderous ways.

Ozark theories: Helen (left) had Ben killed with Wendy's helpOzark theories: Helen (left) had Ben killed with Wendy's help (Image: )

First of all, Ozark viewers never actually see his face or Nelson kill him.

The last they see of Ben alive, he's stood outside a diner while staring at Nelson.

With no physical evidence the body was actually his or witnessing the murder take place, can viewers be 100 percent sure

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