Did Elvis Presley influence The Beatles? 'NOT in the UK'

ELVIS PRESLEY is known as being someone who influenced The Beatles - but it turns out he could not influence them quite in the way many would have thought.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 09:01, Fri, Oct 16, 2020

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Elvis Presley was someone whose influence knows no bounds, and he was loved by artists all over the world. John Lennon and his cohort in The Beatles were major fans of Elvis, and even got the chance to meet him when they became famous. But The King was not able to influence them in the same way other artists could, thanks to some surprising laws.


In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Paul Endacott of Music Heritage London spoke on how Elvis Presley’s music did not quite penetrate The Beatles’ psyche until slightly late in their careers.

The 1960s music expert described how Sir Tommy Steele, the British entertainer, listened to American artists thanks to his time in the USA, when such bands were not allowed to be played in the UK.

He said: “Tommy Steele is one of our great exports... the skiffle music may have its roots in America, the word skiffle was used over here, probably as much it was its folk music. Yeah.

“Now, when, as an example, Tommy Steele, who was in a merchant seaman, when he was a teenager, he used to go over to America and listen to Elvis.

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Elvis Presley and The Beatles - did The King influence?Elvis Presley and The Beatles - did The King influence? (Image: Getty)

The BeatlesThe Beatles (Image: Getty)

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“Elvis songs weren't played until the late 1950s over here because the BBC would never play that sort of stuff.

“It was, you know, Matt Monroe and all the crooners so Elvis went over there as a prime example.

“He'd [Tommy Steele] listened to Elvis, he'd come back and busk outside The 2I’s coffee shop in Soho… which a lot of people say was the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll…”

Elvis’ music had an influence on such artists as Sir Tommy, despite the fact it was not even allowed in the UK

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