Queen thanks German citizens who set up memorials to 14 British soldiers killed ...

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Some of those killed in the town of Ktenholz in 1945 had held the Queen and her sister Princess Margaret for nine months during the war. One of those who died was called Lieutenant Robin Tudsbery, and he was just 25 when the armoured car he and two comrades were travelling in was blown up by a mine. The lieutenant was tragically killed just days before the end of World War 2.

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The three men who were killed in the armoured car were among 14 soldiers killed in the area during the war.

All 14 men have now been commemorated on new memorials in the town following a campaign by a group of German citizens.

An anonymous donor ensured that the men's names would be importalised on four stone slabs in the town.

The memorials were erected last month in a coronavirus-safe ceremony.

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The Queen has sent her thanks to those who erected the memorialsThe Queen has sent her thanks to those who erected the memorials (Image: GETTY)

The local residents, led by amateur researcher Debbie Buelau, saw to it that the British soldiers would be commemorated.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Ms Buelau said: "I was feeling that these British soldiers should be remembered.

"They should not be anonymous anymore.

"They should get their names back.

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