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Countryfile is hosted by various presenters, including Matt Baker, Ellie Harrison, Adam Henson, Tom Heap, and John Craven. John is the eldest of the five, at 80 years of age. After a long and successful career as a journalist and presenter, how much money does he have?

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John Craven has a whopping net worth of around £2.8million, according to reports.

It’s a fortune that the octogenarian has made through journalistic ventures and TV appearances over his long and successful career.

John was a presenter on BBC’s Countryfile from the near-beginning, appearing on the show a year after it first aired.

He is still one of the programme’s current presenters, but how did he get to where he is today?

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John CravenJohn Craven was the main Newsround presenter before working for Countryfile (Image: GETTY )

John was born in Leeds in Yorkshire and, after leaving school at 16, began an apprenticeship at Yorkshire Copperworks.

Showing love for journalism at an early age, he wrote for the company’s magazine.

John went on to be a junior reporter on his local newspaper, the Harrogate Advertiser, before working for the Yorkshire Post.

Around this time, he also started to write on a freelance basis for multiple national newspapers.

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