Britons could cut internet bills 'in half' and slash costs of online ...

Anna Richardson shares tips for cutting broadband bills

Internet and online subscriptions are a key household outgoing for many people, particularly after a year spent indoors. However, it seems Britons could be unknowingly spending more than they need to for their broadband, as well as subscriptions such as and Amazon among others.

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As part of Channel 4 documentary How to Save a Grand in 24 Hours, TV host Anna Richardson has shared her handy hints on how people can reduce their spending.

Although internet and service subscriptions often come with a set price tag, it seems existing customers can reduce costs.

When it comes to broadband internet costs, the majority of UK spenders fork out between £30 and £40 a month.

However, this could be slashed in half with one very simple move.

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Man using the internetAnna Richardson shares how to cut costs of internet bills and online subscriptions (Image: Getty Images)

Speaking in the programme, Anna explained: “Most of us pay between £30 and £40 a month on broadband but you could be getting it for half that price.

“If you’re still in contract just ring up your supplier and haggle. Believe me, it works.”

She also offered some insight into how to get a better deal for online subscriptions.

Online subscriptions include the likes of online television streaming services such as or Now TV, as well as retailers like Amazon Prime and other online shopping “member” services.


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